Asheville Table Tennis Club

Welcome! Asheville Table Tennis Club is a relaxed competitive environment for the sport of table tennis in Asheville, North Carolina. The club is composed of players of all ages and skill levels. The club’s home is the Montford Recreational Center, which provides a spacious playing environment with excellent tables, good lighting, and hardwood floors.

ATTC is known for its friendly atmosphere. Competition is keen but is based on a high level of sportsmanship. Most matches consist of the best of five 11 point games. If a large number of players are waiting, matches will be best of three 11 point games. The winner of the first match played remains at the table for a second match, then rotates off. After the first match of the day, players stay at the table for two matches and then rotate off. This system provides fair and frequent access to play for all.

Club members pay an annual membership fee ($45 Asheville city residents, $50 others) but guests are welcome and can play for a $5 daily fee.